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Tips on Preventing Ostomy Leakage

Tips on Preventing Ostomy Leakage

To make sure your ostomy pouch stays leak-free, you’ll need to make sure it’s adhering properly. A home health care in Aurora, Colorado lists down the following ways you can avoid stoma fluid leakage:

  • Take care of the skin around your stoma.
    Be proactive about caring for your peristomal skin. When damaged or irritated, it can be hard to place the pouch system over the area.
  • Ensure that the skin barrier fits properly.
    A properly fit skin barrier will help your skin from becoming damaged or irritated by the drainage. The drainage has to flow into the pouch without leaking under the skin barrier. Let a provider of home care services in Colorado help.
  • Change the pouch regularly.
    Before if becomes susceptible to leakage, remember to change your pouch regularly, usually twice a week. Make sure it doesn’t get to being overweight or overfilled.
  • Secure pouch during physical activity.
    Use an ostomy wrap or support garment to secure the ostomy pouch in its place. Emptying your pouch before engaging in physical activity is also a good idea.
  • Take care of removing your ostomy skin barrier.
    When removing the skin barrier, take your time. Gently peel it from top to bottom as you press the surrounding skin. Never pull it out rapidly.

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