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Elderly Fall Management and Prevention

Elderly Fall Management and Prevention

One of the most common causes of injuries among the elderly is caused by falls. They are prone to it especially when they are doing their daily personal care tasks like bathing and cleaning.

Here are some tips from Arise Home Health Care Inc on how you can help prevent your elderly loved ones from falls:

  • Doctor’s Consultation
    More than anything else, the elderly should have regular consultation with their doctors. It’s important to rule out all other underlying medical conditions so that they get the necessary treatment to address them.
  • Bedroom Aids
    The bedroom is one of the places where the elderly spends their time. At night, it should be well lit and do not have objects lying around that could trip them. Our home health care in Aurora, Colorado make sure that they have a cleared-out space and free fall hazards.
  • Shower, Bathroom, and Toilet Aids
    Slippery and wet, these are the most common reasons why the elderly gets injured because of falling. You can use a shower mat or chair to prevent slipping.
  • Mobility Assistance
    Home care services in Colorado ensure that you can enjoy going around in your house without the fear of falling. We have caregivers who can assist you as you go about your tasks. You can also make use of a walker for added balance and support.

Do you have other tips on how to prevent elderly falls? Share it with us by commenting down below!

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