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Ways of Managing Your Senior’s Incontinence


As a family caregiver providing personal care for your elderly loved one, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do when they start to experience incontinence.

What exactly does it mean to have incontinence, though? Incontinence happens when the nerves and muscles that assist your bladder retain and discharge urine become dysfunctional or hyperactive.

They may suddenly urinate if they cough or sneeze. There may be occasions when they cannot get to the bathroom in time.

People may feel ashamed if they have to deal with unpleasant pee leakage. No one knows how this leaking will change your loved one’s life until it’s too late.

Caregiving for an older person who deals with incontinence can be challenging, but here is some advice from our home health care in Aurora, Colorado, that may help:

  • Always consult their doctors about the appropriate medications for their condition.
  • Let them use incontinence products like pads and adult diapers to avoid leakage accidents.
  • Give them well-balanced meals that will help them keep the weight where it should be.
  • Use frequent bathroom breaks before engaging in strenuous activity.
  • Assist them in engaging in bladder training to increase the time between restroom breaks.

Discussing treatment options with your loved one’s doctor is essential if you want them to live their everyday life without being limited by incontinence.

ARISE HOME HEALTH CARE INC can assist your loved ones in managing their incontinence care with our home care services in Colorado. If they need non-medical or medical care at home, contact us immediately at 720-535-4678! It’s our pleasure to serve your health care needs!

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