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Senior Hygiene Tips: How You Can Help

As people get older, it can be quite difficult to maintain personal hygiene habits. There are many reasons behind this. Mobility challenges and chronic health conditions are a few of the most common causes. And while this change is normal, it is not an indicator for seniors to stop maintaining personal care.

As a provider of home health care in Aurora, Colorado, we’ve listed down some hygiene tips that you can follow to help your senior loved ones:

  • Create a daily routine.
    Routines are very helpful when it comes to maintaining stability in doing tasks. You may set up a schedule for your loved ones so they can follow it easily and don’t miss out on any task.
  • Provide more safety.
    Installing assistive devices such as shower chairs, handrails, and anti-slip mats can help ensure safety for your loved ones as they go about their personal hygiene activities. When it comes to bathing, you may ask them if they need assistance.
  • Go for accessible clothing.
    Dressing can be hard for some seniors as it requires fine motor skills and large movements. Adaptive clothing, for example, can give them the opportunity to dress independently and exert less effort in dressing.

If you are looking for a caregiver to help with your loved one’s personal care needs, please get in touch with ARISE HOME HEALTH CARE INC. We provide high-quality home care services in Colorado.

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