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Advantages of Intravenous Medication Administration


IV Therapy is proven beneficial not only when administering fluid medications during emergencies but in supplying the patient’s body with nutrients and vitamins. It is the process of delivering solutions to the body through the veins. ARISE HOME HEALTH CARE INC, your provider of home health care in Aurora, Colorado is equipped with skilled nurses, tools, and equipment to efficiently perform IV Therapy in your homes.

As providers of home care services in Colorado, we highly recommend this method of fluid administration because of its promising advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Maximum Absorption
    Medications, nutrients, and vitamin supplements we take orally do not guarantee 100% bioavailability because our body’s natural digestion process wastes a significant amount of them. Fortunately, IV Therapy exists to offer our bodies maximum absorption as it allows fluids to bypass the digestive system.
  • Faster Efficacy
    IV Therapy delivers medications, nutrients, and vitamins directly to its target area which is the circulatory system. Hence, it is fast-acting.
  • Customizable Feature
    With IV Therapy, your healthcare providers can tailor the precise amount of medications, nutrients, and vitamins appropriate to your unique body composition, condition, and needs.
  • Targets a Wide Array of Conditions
    IV Therapy can effectively treat a variety of health conditions. It can cure fatigue, low metabolism and libido, and stress, among others. It also helps with appetite and weight management concerns.

You have to remember though, that all of these advantages can only be achieved through accurate administration and with the aid of experts. Therefore, choose a trusted healthcare provider. Choose us!

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