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How to Cope with Urinary Incontinence


Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing condition, which is why a home health care in Aurora, Colorado puts together some ways you can cope with its daily challenges:

  • Do pelvic floor exercises
    These exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, aimed at improving your bladder control, preventing urine leakage, and supporting your organs by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. A provider of home care services in Colorado can help you perform these exercises.
  • Retrain your bladder
    Bladder training can significantly reduce urinary incontinence by helping the bladder to hold more urine and prevent it from being overactive.
  • Maintain a healthy BMI
    You’re at a higher risk of developing urinary incontinence when you are obese or overweight. Decrease your weight by following a healthy lifestyle, such as reducing the number of calories you take daily, brisk walking, increasing fiber intake, cutting down on saturated fats, avoiding processed foods, and more.
  • Decrease caffeine and alcohol intake
    Both of these beverages increase urine production, so it’s advisable that people with urinary incontinence limit their consumption of these.
  • Practice yoga
    Studies have found that yoga can help reduce incontinence to avoid accidental leakage and gain more control over their urination.

Let ARISE HOME HEALTH CARE INC help you or your loved ones manage urinary incontinence through our health and personal care services. Contact us today!

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