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Continence and Incontinence Care

Continence and Incontinence Care

The words “Continence” and “Incontinence” may be used to describe the same thing, but they are actually each other’s opposites. Many people confuse the two as these are both “invisible disabilities”. These affect people of all ages, gender, and culture.

ARISE HOME HEALTH CARE INC would like to shed some light on this topic so the families of our patients may better understand their elderly’s personal care needs.

  • Continence Care refers to caring for patients who have issues with holding back bodily functions like peeing or pooing. It is derived from the Latin word continentia.

    This can appear as a poor urinary stream or could also be a sense of incomplete voiding, hesitancy, or the patient’s inability to completely empty their bladder.

  • Incontinence Care, on the other hand, refers to the unwanted or involuntary leakage of stool. This is very common among our patients in Home Health Care in Aurora, Colorado.

    Incontinence affects about 400 million people worldwide and is even more common among women above the age of 35.

Many people put up with the symptoms for years without realizing that these can be managed or even cured by getting professional help. There are also home care services in Colorado for patients who are bedridden or may suffer from disabilities that make trips difficult. Getting the right care has never been so easy!

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