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Tips on Preventing Falls for Seniors

Tips on Preventing Falls for Seniors

Falling is the most common accident at home in which seniors are highly at risk. Medical conditions or the drugs’ side effects are the factors of this incident. A Home Health Care in Aurora, Colorado lists down some preventive tips:

  • Talk to a doctor about this
    Be proactive about the risk of falling at home—talk to your doctor or healthcare team about your fall prevention plan. You will be asked about the medications you are taking, if you have fallen before, or whether or not your health condition caused you to fall.
  • Maintain physical activity
    You might feel apprehensive about having to do certain physical activities. However, as long as your physician approves them, you can opt for gentle and slow exercises, like tai chi, walking, or water workouts, to help you improve your balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility.
  • Change your footwear
    Wear sensible, sturdy shoes with nonskid soles. Floppy slippers, shoes with slick holes, and high heels can make you fall, slip, or stumble.
  • Remove home clutters
    Let a provider of home care services in Colorado help you declutter your home and make it safer. These services include removing items from walkways, moving furniture standing in high-traffic areas, storing necessities within easy reach, putting nonslip mats in your shower or bathtub, and more.

ARISE HOME HEALTH CARE INC offers you and your loved ones personal care and other services you might need.

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